Fuschia Life Is Better With Make Up Day Look

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Looking for the perfect gift for a makeup lover? Well look no further than Laois Pharmacies extended Fuschia range – brilliant Conscious, Irish cosmetics.


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Treat her to everything she needs to feel beautifulm a wonderful giftset containing all the best ‘Life Is Better With’ products, including:

  • Life Is Better With.. Blush (Day).
  • Life Is Better With.. Lippy (Day).
  • Life Is Better With.. Shade (Day).
  • Life Is Better With.. Highlights (Day).
  • Life Is Better With.. Liner (Day).
  • Life Is Better With.. Shine (Day).

An amazing gift for someone that you admire, who always loves to look their best.

1 review for Fuschia Life Is Better With Make Up Day Look

  1. Ciara

    Love this product

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