Fuschia Essentials Brush Set


This seven brush set is a perfect addition to any makeup bag. It covers all your basic makeup application needs from foundation to detailed eye work. We’re so proud of this set because it is 100% vegan friendly meaning no animals have been harmed in the making of this product. These super soft synthetic brushes are a best seller in the Irish market. This set includes:

  • 100 Liquid Buffer Brush – For the application of liquid makeup
  • 108 Duo Fiber Cheek Brush – Designed for use with powder bronzer or powder contour products to add depth
  • 112 Airbrush Concealer Brush – For under-eye liquid or creme concealers, best used in light circular motions
  • 215 Duo Fiber Diffuser Brush – For pressed eye-shadow to create depth
  • 215 Flat Definer Brush – Ideal for under-eye application, close to the lashes
  • 210 Precision Liner Brush – For use with gel liner and for precision brows
  • 209 Pointed Liner Brush – Designed for use with creams and gels, with a clever curved head which makes it super easy to follow the lash line

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